First Class Engineering


Our success is based on the values enshrined in our corporate principles.

They represent the starting point for our decisions and their realisation. They connect our employees with our functions. Although simple, they make quite clear what is important to us and how we act as part of the company:

First class performance

  • Both externally (towards our customers and partners) and internally (towards colleagues and affiliated companies).
  • We understand the requirements and wishes of our customers and proactively identify possible solutions designed to provide customers with a clear edge over the competition and, as a consequence, bringing them benefits.
  • This creative engagement between us and our customers is the prerequisite for creating a long-term partnership – to the benefit of both us and our customers.
  • Our services enable us to achieve the best results for our customers. We contribute: professional expertise, commitment, flexibility and innovative strength.
  • We meet our deadlines and budget commitments and provide high-quality solutions.
  • Each and everyone of us makes sure that his technical knowledge is up-to-date for the tasks entrusted to him.

Mutual support

  • The goal-oriented cooperation of all of our employees is a key condition for the success of our company.
  • We support and promote cooperation and communication between the national subsidiaries and all operations departments.
  • We promote necessary changes, which make us more effective and more efficient.
  • We communicate openly and honestly and help when problems occur.

Absolute integrity

  • We respect the dignity of each employee, partner and customer.
  • We trust each other implicitly and hold to our commitments.
  • Clarity and truthfulness, tolerance and fairness, respect and courtesy in cooperation are our basis for success and for enjoying our work.
  • We conduct ourselves sincerely and honestly in our professional and business relationships.
  • We provide truthful information on our services, our abilities and our experience.
  • Our prices reflect the value of the services we provide and the responsibility entrusted to us, and we expect our customers to consider them fair and reasonable.
  • We respect our competitors and assert ourselves by fair means; we do not resort to unfair competition.
  • We attach particular attention to the confidentiality and secrecy of the dossiers and documents entrusted to us. We guarantee our customers the protection of the specialised knowledge acquired as a result of the order placed.
  • From a sense of responsibility and conviction, we accord a high priority to the protection and preservation of the environment. We are therefore prepared to go beyond merely meeting legal obligations.