3D Scan – the most efficient alternativ for your refits


A refit – expensive, long drawn-out, complicated and unpredicatable costs were yesterday.
With our help and our 3D Scan we have the possibility to offer you for your vehicle or your module a reliable, faster and cheaper implementation of development processes and maintenance measures.
We record and measure free spaces, arrange spaces in a new order, simulate the new piping and save on this way the costs for a complex 3D modell from the designing engineer.
We use the received informations of the geometrical records from the 3D Scan to precisely determine dimensions, volumes and installation spaces and check your refit possibilties. Otherwhise you may use the 3D Scan for the development of a new vehicle, based on a end-of-life vehicle.
The exact dimensions and volumes can be recorded and measured at a later time. The vehicle is not necassary to get the information.