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The Borkumer Kleinbahn – the nostalgic charm of an island

7. August 2020 Allgemein 0 comments
┬ę Borkumer Kleinbahn

The Borkumer Kleinbahn is the oldest island railway in Germany. The railway is in operation daily throughout the year and with its colourful carriages characterises the image of the island.

More than 25 years ago, when we were still IKB Bautzen, we were responsible for the entire development of these cars. With the aim of preserving the nostalgic form of the cars, we designed the cars from the car body shell, interior fittings to the electrical and pneumatic cable laying including construction supervision.

The open access platforms at the front have seat boards – in good weather you can enjoy the ride here.
The interior is equipped with longitudinal and transverse seats according to the historical model.

So even today these cars still roll where others like to spend their holidays.