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Certified welding company for almost 20 years

10. September 2020 Allgemein 0 comments
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Certified welding company for almost 20 years

We, CE cideon engineering, have been certified as a welding company according to DIN 6700 since 2001 – at that time still under the company name IKB. In 2008 DIN 6700 was withdrawn and instead the EN 15085 series of standards was introduced as “Recognized rules of technology for welding of rail vehicles”. The certificate according to DIN EN 15085 has a validity period of three years. Within this period, the company is usually monitored annually by the manufacturer certification body.

At the end of August of this year, DVS ZERT GmbH carried out such an inspection for welding. During this inspection, technical discussions were held with our welding supervisors and the implementation of requirements for sample constructions including verification (documentation) was checked.
CE cideon engineering is currently certified according to EN 15085 CL1 – Construction and DIN 27201-6 Repair. Thus, we continue to meet the requirements for the production of welded constructions in rail vehicle construction. Our four trained welding engineers can also act as external welding supervisors CL4 for other companies in the rail vehicle construction sector.

The valid certificate can be found in the online register EN 15085, which was developed as a central tool for quality assurance in the certification of welding companies in rail vehicle construction.

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