How can maintenance work on machines be simplified using mobile devices such as tablet PCs or data glasses? We asked ourselves this question together with Sporer PCS and Plasmanitriertechnik Dr. Böhm, as well as with the Fraunhofer IWU, and worked on it in a joint research project.

After drawing up a catalogue of requirements for all parties involved and selecting suitable software and hardware, cideon engineering was responsible for implementation under Mr. Marc Schneider.

At the end of the project, a prototype of a digital maintenance manual is available, which can be tested on different output channels such as Microsoft Hololens data glasses, different tablet PCs and mobile phones by the maintenance staff in the field. The project participants thereby receive feedback about the scenarios in which this type of support is useful and which devices are suitable.

The funding project has shown that the digital presentation of maintenance instructions offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Adaptability to target group and situation
  • Easier updating by means of central storage
  • Direct access to data concerning machine status.

It was also found that the selected Unity solution could serve the different channels without major adjustments, allowing a case-by-case selection of the appropriate display device.

All project participants agree that the mobile display device will play a crucial role in maintenance in the future.