For a while now, the working day has been dominated by numerous lockdowns and the rules and regulations associated with this. 

Fortunately, thanks to the measures taken and their collective observance, cases of illness in the company were kept to a satisfyingly low level.

Some short-time work and the individual efforts of the employees made it possible to ensure the continuation of business throughout this difficult period.

So it was with great pleasure that the management was able to greet a large number of employees at a shared ‘Variety Evening’ in Bautzen on 22 July 2021.

Colleagues came together, in some cases after a long period of working from home, to swap experiences and discuss current professional topics. There were sporting activities such as volleyball or a football goal wall, and the music created a perfect dancing atmosphere. The first three places in the European Football Championship betting game were selected as well. A successful evening all round, with good mood and excellent summer weather. 

cideon engineering wishes all its employees continued good health and a sunny start to the holidays!