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Companies that design adhesive bonds on rail vehicles, as well as their components and parts, or plan the bonding process, must be certified in accordance with DIN 6701 on proof of suitability for bonding rail vehicles.

This means that a certification body must carry out an operational test with a technical discussion.

This company audit includes e.g. the proof of

  • the necessary qualification of the company
  • the appointment of at least one responsible gluing supervisor
  • the necessary qualification of the gluing supervisory personnel
  • the qualification of the bonding personnel
  • the existing design verification
  • the necessary work and test instructions.

In addition to the structural design of bonded joints, the tasks of the bonding supervisor also include stress analyses of the designs based on the requirements profile and process planning.

The bonding supervisor also checks the relevant documents. A reference to DIN 6701 must be included in the design documents of the bonded component, and each bond must be clearly shown in the drawing with its nominal geometric dimensions.

cideon engineering has again been certified for a period of three years for the design of components and their process planning for class A1 bonding. Our trained bonding engineers also act as external bonding supervisors for other companies in the rail vehicle construction industry.

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The validity of the certificate according to DIN 6701-2 of bonding companies can be viewed in the online register DIN 6701. This online register contains all certificates of recognized bonding companies issued by a manufacturer certification body recognized by the EBA.