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In view of the increasing complexity of technical goods, their documentation is a prerequisite for a product to be safely operated and maintained. This applies both to railway vehicles as well as machines and systems. Our experienced Technical Editors are well versed in both areas.

Our advantages:

  • Qualification of personnel as graduate technical editors / engineers
  • Our team size allows specialisation in editorial systems, standards, graphics and “new media”
  • As required, access to CE cideon engineering in-house experts in all area>


Already in the development process, they adopt the perspective of the customer and provide support with the designing of operating procedures and safety analyses. Our qualified personnel then undertake the research on information that the subsequent user will require in all the phases of the product’s life cycle. In this process, it is not uncommon for issues to arise that allow the developers to improve the product.

When producing an information concept, the relevant target groups together with their information needs are determined and the suitable media defined.

This can be provided as online help, video tutorial or in the classical print form. As part of creating the contents, texts are drawn up and graphics derived from CAD data with little effort. If required, a translation is also arranged. Upon request, the documents (in the quantity required) are directly delivered to your customers.

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Reliable cooperation with fast service is one of the standards at CE cideon engineering. You can rely on our expertise in the area of documentation at any time.

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We would be glad to provide you with individual consultation to further advance your project.

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Head fo Documentation
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