First Class Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Development of electrical engineering solutions

Design planning

In this phase, initial circuit designs are produced and discussed with the customer. There then follows a comparison of known and new approaches. These are assessed according to technical and economic feasibility. Benefit, failure and effects analyses as well as reliability considerations round off this phase.


  • Circuit designs
  • Analysis of the energy footprint of the ACTUAL situation
  • Software specifications
  • Specification of the cost and time-intensive components
  • Basic concepts and feasibility studies


Implementation planning

The circuit diagrams and schematic diagrams produced form the basis of the electrical engineering documentation. The customer will be in a position to procure the material required in the requisite quality on the basis of the specifications.


  • Schematic diagrams and circuit diagrams
  • Parts list, connection lists and Bundlisten
  • Energy footprint of the TARGET situation
  • Supply specifications
  • Testing, conversion, work instructions, operating and maintenance manuals
  • Training documents


Manufacturing / Conversion support

On-site customer support with the realisation of prototypes and the start of series production.


  • Adjusted circuitry documents for the start of serial production
  • Final documentation to submit to the regulatory authorities
  • Supporting the customer with the data transfer into his data management system


CAD systems

The circuitry documents are usually created in the CAD system requested by the customer. To create new (or revise old) documents, we use the following systems:

  • AutoCAD and ecscad at our own locations
  • E3, Ruplan, Engineering Base, EPLAN and ELCAD based on longstanding cooperation with external service providers