First Class Engineering


Development of technical Solution

Design and evaluation

Technical solutions of the vehicle system will be designed and optimised during the course of the design process that precedes the construction phase. For this purpose, systematically known and new solutions are to be contrasted with one another and then evaluated in a technical and economic.



Elements of the design and evaluation process:

  • Component designs
  • Schemata designs
  • Software specifications
  • Calculations and optimisations
  • Implementation of benefit analyses
  • Implementation of reliability observations
  • Implementation of FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analyses)
  • Basic concepts and feasibility study


The composition phase represents the most intensive part of the engineering management process with regards to performance. The technical drawings and parts lists put the client in the position to also produce the products that have been constructed. The creation of the procurement guidelines and delivery specifications enables the procurement of purchased parts. The guidelines for the quality testing (especially initial sample testing) are important requirements in order to guarantee the quality of delivery.

The necessary calculation reports regarding the statistic and dynamic properties of the constructed components as well as trial reports regarding pre-trials are to be created during the composition phase. In view of comprehensive tests of the vehicle systems, the specifications that are required for this purpose will be determined and the scope of testing for the official approval will be defined. In addition to this, the creation of operating manuals, maintenance documentation as well as documentation for the approval of the vehicle parts are part of this phase.

Details of the composition phase:

  • Creation of technical drawings and parts lists
  • Creation of schemata
  • Creation of procurement guidelines / delivery specifications
  • Creation of initial acceptance of software
  • Creation of homologation documentation


Accompanying during production


Within the scope of construction supervision, we support the production of prototypes and sample cars.

As a link between design and manufacturing, we communicate any problems that may arise and contribute to the solution.