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The high-speed railcar, or SVT for short, is the GDR’s most prestigious 1960s-style train. Decommissioned after German Reunification, railway enthusiasts now want to lavishly restore this train to its former glory. The faulty batteries and the heating system are to be repaired by means of fund-raising, thus taking another important step towards the general inspection.

A fund-raising marathon for the benefit of the SVT Görlitz will take place on 24/25.10.2020 in the hall in Zwickauer Straße 66 in Dresden. 15 runners will participate in a kind of long-distance relay race for 36 hours through the train and across the “platform” in a lap mode. A total distance of approx. 300 km is to be covered.

The fund-raising goal is 40 € per kilometre – we support the project and the race and hope to find more supporters!