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Auxiliary vehicles

Profiling in special-purpose vehicle construction

Maintenance vehicle BR711.1

No railway can manage with just locomotives, freight trains and passenger trains – a multitude of construction, repair, testing, clearing and special vehicles are also required in order to guarantee the continuous operation of the railway.

The development and construction of such vehicles do not just require experience in the field of rail vehicle construction, but also require experience in the fields of machine and system construction as well as in the area of measurement and testing technology.



CE cideon engineering successfully operates in all these sectors while also successfully establishing itself in the field of special-purpose vehicle construction.

Construction vehicle OB100

We offer vehicle concepts from a single source, together with associated studies and analyses, specifications, vehicle layouts with production of requirement specifications and/or product concept catalogues according to the individual project phases in compliance with EN 50126:

  • Maintenance vehicles
  • Measuring and diagnostics vehicles
  • Rail processing vehicles
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Road-rail vehicles