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H3 hybrid locomotive

With the first “Locomotion”, George Stephenson developed the prototype of modern engineering of his time and, as a result, revolutionised the traffic and transport system.

Alongside matters such as reliability, functionality as well as a high level of durability, it is primarily the case today that the various country standards pose the challenge for each locomotive design engineer, and it is these various standards that will be decisive with regards to the international competitiveness of the product.


Gmeinder Shunting Locomotive D 180 BB

Thanks to co-operation with leading rail vehicle manufacturers, CE cideon engineering has gathered comprehensive experience with regards to the modernisation and new development of shunting, mining and main-line locomotives. Thanks to a close and long-standing co-operation with Meiningen Steam Locomotive Works of Deutsche Bahn, we are able to refer to comprehensive experience in the field of steam locomotive reconstruction.


We offer vehicle concepts from a single source, together with associated studies and analyses, specifications, vehicle layouts with production of requirement specifications and/or product concept catalogues according to the individual project phases in compliance with EN 50126.